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How to Use the 100PF Knowledge Base

If you’re wondering how to use our Knowledge Base, then this article is for you!

As much as you may be tempted to call or email us with your questions, we have a much more efficient way to get you your answers.

That would be through our Knowledge Base.

Follow these simple, short steps:

1 –  login to your Member Account and click “View Courses.”

2 – Once inside your account, go to the Help Center dropdown menu and select “Knowledge Base.”

3 – Here you’ll find a Search Bar where you can type in a question and a list of articles will populate based on your question for you to read.

4 – Click on any of the links for the article(s) that you’d like to read.

5 – You can also review articles directly from the current categories by clicking on the titles highlighted in blue. 

Categories (A) through (H) cover topics related to: Getting Started, Credit Repair, Find the Money, Find the Deal, Perform Due Diligence, Close the Property, Tech Issues, and Payments. 

That’s how simple it is to use the Knowledge Base and find answers to your questions.

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