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Interested in An 100 Percent Financed Deal?

If you are interested in any of the100PF deals presented by Juan Pablo during the Live Q&A calls and want to get an insight on how to make an offer, then this article is for you! 

We’re happy to know that you like one or more of the deals presented during the Live Q&A calls, else you wouldn’t be reading this article. 

But before we continue, you must know that we only work with clients who have a source of funds and are ready for the deal acquisition phase. 

If you don’t have proof of liquid capital or any other proof of funds, then please do not complete this form.

If you do meet the qualifications mentioned above and are ready for a deal, then please click the link to complete our Ready for a Deal Form in its entirety. 

Once completed, you’ll be directed to a scheduling page to book a call with our Acquisition Coordinator Coach so he can tell you the specifics about working with us as a service. 

Still need help? Contact us.

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