Step One: Watch the Video Below So You Can Learn How To Get Your Credit Report & Apply For Business Credit.


Click IDIQ or SmartCredit so you can get a pdf copy of your credit report. Both services offer a $1 trial and you can cancel easily within 7 days.


If you do not want to use IDIQ or SmartCredit, then you can use a separate Credit Monitoring Service as long as it shows your account history AND credit scores for all 3 credit bureaus. 

A) Screenshots of credit reports – we can only use pdfs of credit report

B) Credit Karma – It only shows 2 credit bureaus and not all 3

C) Credit Report Via Your Online Banking – Does Not provide pdf copy of credit report


We can only consult you and provide you with a funding estimate if you complete a full application below. 

Step Three: Apply for Business Credit and Upload Your Credit Report Below To Receive Your Funding Estimate.

After applying for business credit, you’ll be redirected to a webpage so you can schedule a call with our team. 


If you qualify for funding, John, your business funding coach, will call you at the scheduled time from a (630) or (770) area code to provide you with your options.


If you don’t qualify, it’s not the end of the world, we’ll cancel the scheduled call and email you letting you know what you need to do in order to qualify. 


Disclaimer on Receiving Notifications and Messages from 100 Percent Financed

By booking a call with a 100 Percent Financed, you consent to receive notifications related to your scheduled booking, including but not limited to booking updates, transaction confirmations, security alerts, important service-related announcements, and promotional messages.

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Why Do You Need To See My Credit Report?

Ok let me share a thing or two with you about business credit and how business credit card companies think…
If you have a proven track record in business and can prove it by providing business tax returns, merchant account statements, profit and loss statements, bank account statements and an 80 paydex score (similar to a 720 fico score but for business) then they’ll provide you with corporate credit. 
However, if you don’t have full documentation, then business credit card companies are willing to provide you with funding as long as they take a look at your personal credit. 
They think this way, “If this person doesn’t have the docs now to prove a successful track record in business, then I’ll look at how they are at managing their personal finances.”
In other words, if they are a good borrower on their personal credit, then more than likely they’ll be a good borrower for business credit – makes sense?

How Safe and Secure Is Applying For Business Credit?

The purpose of knowing your scores is to help us determine which financing route you should take – makes sense?
Great, I need to take a look at your credit report using our preferred credit monitoring system identityiq or smartcredit.
Now, both credit monitoring services are safe and secure – rated by BBB and is separate from our system – we will not save any of your information.
By the way, your credit report on these credit monitoring services doesn’t show your full SSN or full account numbers, so there is no way possible for us to get access to that information.
Plus, we’ve been in business since 2014 and have tons of customer reviews who used our business credit program to get results.

What Other Credit Monitoring Services I Can Use?

In All, We like the services that provide a three bureau side-by-side comparison credit report, in order of preference: or

Clients can use for an estimate, but, due to providing Three Separate PDF reports, vs a side by side comparison, we prefer the options above over Experian. If using, then you’ll have to upload all 3 seperate pdfs to the above business credit application.

If already has an account, and they already have their three bureau report downloaded from, then, they are welcome to send over the three reports for an evaluation.

For customers that don’t currently have a 3 bureau credit report, I would recommend one of the websites from the list above, instead of using

——Reviewing reports downloaded from takes significantly longer than reviewing reports from the services listed above.

What Are The Business Credit Qualifications?

The ideal candidate will possess: 

● 680 Credit Score 

● No major delinquencies on credit report (foreclosures/bankruptcies) 

● No minor delinquencies on credit report in last two years 

● No missed credit card payments 

● 10 years credit history 

● At least $5,000 in revolving credit limits personally ***These are IDEAL qualifications.


We have many applicants who get approved without meeting these exact qualifications.*** 

I Don't Want To Provide A Copy Of My Credit Report...What Can I Do?

Understood.  Here are a few things to consider:

  1. I understand if you may have some skepticism or apprehension providing your credit report to a complete stranger. Please keep in mind that your credit report doesn’t provide your full SSN or account numbers so there’s nothing I can possibly do with that information. Secondly, we’ve been in business since 2014 and have countless number of video testimonies I can send you to attest to our credibility and legitamacy in the marketplace – would you like me to send you some reviews (Wait for answer)? Got it, your credit report is only needed for our algorithm to go to work, so what are your thoughts?
  2. I understand if you may have some skepticism or apprehension providing your credit report to a complete stranger. However, we still want to get you funded, so would it be better if I text you the business credit applilcation link so you can upload the report yourself while I walk you through it?

Can I Use Credit Karma Or Online Banking For Credit Reports?

Hi, great idea; however, you don’t want to provide us with your bank login details, for we may be able to see both your credit and bank account details which we don’t need to see. What we need to see is a 3-bureau credit report in the form of a pdf so our algorithm can read it. Now, our preferred Credit Monitoring Service offers this and it’s just a $1 for a 7 day free trial and you can cancel at any time. Let’s move forward with that – cool?

After Applying, How Long Will It Take For Me To Get The Funding?

Assuming you qualify, it can take 2 business days to receive a call from the business credit coach and when you decide to move forward, you can get the funding in hand in 30 days – we’ve seen people get funded as soon as 16 days.

I Have An Existing Business With A Proven Track Record, Can I Just Use That Instead Of Applying For Business Credit With My Credit Report?

Great question. Actually, our goal is to get you the maximum funding possible so we take a look at 3 things: Your current business, your location, and your credit report so we can see which corporate credit, local banks, and major banks we can target. We don’t want to miss out on one of the 3 because that 3rd option – let’s say your credit report – could be the source of getting you the maximum funding. Also, getting access to your credit report is just a $1 for a 7 day free trial in which you can cancel at any time. Are you willing to risk a $1 in order to get access to $40k plus in funding?

After I Apply For Business Credit, What Are The Next Steps?

Great, before you get started, I’ll share the process with you: After we get access to your credit report, we’ll upload it to our system and have our algorithm go to work to see which major banks and local banks we can target to get you maximum funding. 
Then, John, our business credit coach from our sister company Midwest in Chicago, will call you from a (630) area code within a business day if you qualify- in order to provide you an award estimate. 
He’s the man and he’ll help you get multiple rounds of funding and give you the play-by-play of what you need to do to get access to more funding.
Now, if you don’t qualify, it’s not the end of the world – our goal is to help you get qualified. 
So, if you don’t qualify, then he’ll send you an email letting you know what you need to do in order to qualify. If you don’t receive an email, then check your spam or junk folder.

What Is The Fee?

There are no upfront fees. Why? We want to get paid for results. There’s no point of you paying upfront without any guarantee of results. So, we charge 12.75% of the amount you get awarded. So, if we don’t get you funded, you don’t pay us anything. So, you have nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain.

Why Work With 100 Percent Financed?

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