MIT 3.0: 0.1 The Road Ahead

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MIT 3.0
0.1 The Road Ahead
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The MIT 3.0 program is designed to transform you from being an employee to an entrepreneur.

1. Transformation
  1. The way to transform yourself from who you currently are (an employee), to an entrepreneur is by no longer being able to tolerate certain pains:
    • Trading your hours for dollars
    • Having a boss
    • Clocking in and clocking out
    • Making someone else rich
  2. The process to becoming a financially stable entrepreneur is getting enough passive income through multi-unit investing.
  3. Other income producing opportunities will always present themselves, but to reach financial stability you must maintain your focus:
    • Completing the MIT 3.0 program
    • Finding the money to fund deals
    • Finding the deal 
    • Performing due diligence
    • Closing on an investment property
2. Allocating time
  1. Dedicate certain days for certain tasks instead of trying to do multiple tasks on the same day.
  2. Complete one module a week by watching a few sections of the module per day.
  3. Do not move forward to the next module without completing the action items from the previous model. 
  4. Divide your time into several different time blocks to find the money:
    • Build a buyer’s list if you are wholesaling to raise additional funds.
    • Attending networking events.
    • Creating promissory notes in regards to private money.
    • Repairing your credit to qualify for a mortgage.
  5. Finding deals will require time blocks: 
    • Taking time to connect with motivated sellers through wholesaling.
    • Sending out direct mail. 
    • Sending offers.
    • Reviewing contracts. 
    • Performing deal analysis.
    • Performing the financial and physical due diligence on a property 
  6. Commit to working 2-3 hours per day during the pre-contract phase:
    • Work on money making activities Monday through Wednesday at a set time of the day.
    • Work on deal activities Thursday through Saturday at a set time of the day.
  7. Commit to working 2-3 hours per day during the post-contract phase: 
    • Work on due diligence activities Monday through Wednesday at a set time of the day.
    • Work on closing activities Thursday through Saturday at a set time of the day.
  8. Set up a Google calendar to manage your time and activities.
3. How it works
  1. Weeks are broken down into modules that are to be completed in sequential order.
  2. There is an exception to completing modules in sequential order:
    • If you’re experiencing credit challenges, skip to week 6.
    • If you’re experiencing funding challenges, skip to week 7.
    • Each module contains: instructions, action items for you to complete, and resources:
      1. Resources contain:
        • Cheat sheets
        • Pinups
        • Bonus content
        • Recording of live Q&A calls
        • Quit Your Day Job: 100PFTV, books, My Academy, personal development content
4. Be active in our platforms
  1. To get the most value of the program, it’s imperative that you participate in all of our platforms:
    • Closed Facebook group:
      1. Unlimited Q&A
      2. New content requests
      3. Forge an accountability partner 
      4. Post deals
      5. Celebrate successes 
    • Live Q&A calls:
      1. Case studies
      2. Deal analysis
      3. Live Q&A calls twice a week
      4. Accountability 
      5. Stored recordings of the Q&A calls
  2. The program requires question submittal to follow an order of priority:
    • Place your question on the closed Facebook group
    • Ask your question during the live Q&A calls
    • Any questions outside of the MIT 3.0 program material, such as login, payment or other issues, use the Knowledge Base instead.
      1. The support team will not be able to answer any program related content questions.
    • For the best experience with the MIT 3.0 program, use a laptop or desktop computer. 
5. About your instructor
  1. Juan Pablo was once an employee and became a real estate investor using the same principles outlined in this program. 
  2. Juan Pablo believes that if he can change his financial situation from being broke and frustrated to quitting his day job and living his dream life of being a real estate investor, then so can you!
  3. The goal for you is to get enough passive income that exceeds your living expenses by a certain margin that you’ll decide. Once you meet that goal, then quit your 9-5.

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