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If you have questions about what to do first, personal finance, budgeting, having the right mindset, what our programs are designed to do, and how to use the program then you found the right place.

MIT 3.0: 0.4: Get LIFTED

MIT 3.00.4 Get LiftedCheat Sheet In order to be successful, you must take stock of your life and business and structure them in ways in which you can manage, improve, and systematize them all while operating with integrity. 1. Lean Reduce waste by doing more with less: Read the book: 2 Second Lean Apply the …

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MIT 3.0: 0.1 The Road Ahead

MIT 3.00.1 The Road AheadCheat Sheet The MIT 3.0 program is designed to transform you from being an employee to an entrepreneur. 1. Transformation The way to transform yourself from who you currently are (an employee), to an entrepreneur is by no longer being able to tolerate certain pains: Trading your hours for dollars Having …

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