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0.4 Get Lifted
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In order to be successful, you must take stock of your life and business and structure them in ways in which you can manage, improve, and systematize them all while operating with integrity.

1. Lean
  1. Reduce waste by doing more with less:
  2. Apply the 3S’s principle to your business and life:
    • Sweep: Keep everything clean 
    • Sort: Keep everything organized 
    • Standardize: Put processes and systems in place
  3. Apply the 80/20 Principle:
    • Analyze the 20% of your activities that are producing 80% of the results that are moving you toward financial freedom
      1. Eliminate distractions
      2. Delete social media apps that interfere with your focus
      3. Automate processes
      4. Delegate tasks that cannot be eliminated or automated
  4. Think of ways to improve your self, finances, and business.  
  5. Concentrate your focus on more high level activities that will generate income or build your business.
  6. Be creative when it comes to low level activities like cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, etc to save time and energy.
  7. Be frugal when it comes to purchasing. Buy quality items at a discount.
  8. Be agile by doing the basic requirements in the fastest way possible.  
  9. Being lean also requires continuous learning and respect for others:
    • Get dissatisfied with the current status quo
    • Learn something new every day to improve your status quo
2. Integrity
  1. Make your thoughts and words line up with your actions to avoid hypocrisy: 
    • Lead by example
    • Practice what you preach to be credible, believable, trustworthy
  2. When you do the right thing even when no one is watching, proves you have character: 
    • Having a high skill set and character means you are an A-Player
  3. In order to be credible, you must have the knowledge or experience you hold others accountable for.
  4. Be a person of your word and keep your promises:
    • Use technology to help you keep track of your commitments
  5. Always deliver quality work for it’s a sure sign that you take pride in your work.
  6. If you don’t know already, spend time getting to know yourself by taking the three personality tests:
3. Faith
  1. Faith is believing in something that hasn’t manifested yet. To help you develop faith:
    • Do guided meditation
    • Create a vision board
    • Use affirmations
  2. Maintain a positive outlook regardless of the situation
  3. Print out the pinup and tailor it to your life: My Movie Script
  4. Read the book Miracle Mornings available on Amazon
4. Tenacity
  1. Whenever you experience what appears to be failure, develop the mindset that you will rise up and achieve after all.
  2. Keep your focus on the course.Tenacity means to be persistent, unshakeable, unrelenting, single minded, and undeviating. 
  3. Ask “How” questions when facing roadblocks instead of giving up.
  4. Don’t depend on external means for encouragement. Motivate yourself.
  5. You want to have the right circle of people that will tell you the truth and not pacify you.
  6. Develop the mindset that the road to success may be simple, but not easy.
  7. To win in life, you must be adaptable. Keep going despite what stands in your way.
  8. It’s okay to want more, but also be content with where you are in life, and keep working toward your goals.
  9. Remain patient with your current progress and don’t become agitated that things aren’t moving as fast as you’d like them to.
5. Entrepreneurship
  1. Set up systems: 
    • Document your processes
    • Implement your processes
    • Test your processes
    • Gather feedback on your processes
    • Be consistent with your processes
  2. Set up teams:
    • First, you do the actual work
    • Second, you know, understand, and measure the work 
    • Third, you train if need be, and delegate the work
    • Ultimately, you remove yourself from the system
  3. An entrepreneur must have the ability to sell their ideas.
  4. An entrepreneur must have general knowledge about a multitude of things to communicate effectively with an array of people:
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Property Management
    • Customer Experience
    • Accounting
  5. Wisdom is needed when you don’t know what to do. Tap into your experience and your level of expertise to figure things out.
6. Disciplined
  1. Use the Discipline Tracker to track your daily habits and to develop a routine to improve your life.
  2. To be successful, do what you have to do regardless of how you feel.
  3. Be self managed and self controlled.
  4. You may have to sacrifice leisure activities and money to reach your goals, else your goals become the sacrifice.

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