MIT 3.0: 1.1: How to Find the Money Overview

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MIT 3.0
1.1 How to Find the Money Overview
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To prevent mortgage lenders from seeing you as a time waster, you want to come correct by having your documentation and personal credit in line. It’s also important to educate yourself on real estate, as well as having the right people skills in place to persuade people to do business with you.

  1. Complete a Personal Financial Statement 
  2. Complete the funding form
  3. Learn: Mortgage Terms
  4. Apply for Business Credit
  5. Get credit repair if needed
  6. Learn soft skills
    1. Sales
      1. Webinar: Seven changes to your sales process to increase conversions and profits
      2. The Psychology of Selling
    2. Listening
      1. How to be an active listener
    3. Negotiation
      1. Never split the difference book
    4. Communication
      1. Determining the Best Mode of Communication
      2. Exactly what to say _Using magic words for influence and impact
  1. Gather Financial Documents 
  2. Find the money ($36k) every six months

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