How to Apply for a Mortgage and Find Approved Vendors

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How to Apply for a Mortgage and Find Approved Vendors

If you’re ready to purchase an income producing property and want to know how to apply for a mortgage, then this article is for you!

 It’s the proper time to apply for a mortgage loan once you find a property that meets your needs, budget, and the seller has accepted your offer.

In order to apply for a mortgage, you’ll need to select a lender and complete an application.

The first thing you need to do is log into your Member Account and access your REI Accelerator course.

Once inside the course, select Week 2: Owner-Occupant Multi-Unit where you’ll learn the reasons why finding the money is most important before reaching out to real estate agents and lenders. 

Once you complete the training, click the link below for a list of recommended vendors who are all familiar with our programs that we use for real estate investing. 

You’ll notice that some of the vendors are national; however, some are local: Vendor Company Director- Pittsburgh, PA.

Some of the links are applications that lead to an expert in that industry or some are the vendor/expert’s contact information so you can reach out to them directly. 

Keep in mind that 100 Percent Financed has no affiliation or referral agreement with any of the vendors on this list.

You are under no obligation to use any of our vendors listed. You are free to use any vendor of your choice; however, they may be unfamiliar with our programs. 

Keep in mind, you are expected to do your own due diligence on each vendor.

100 Percent Financed has no financial affiliation with any of these vendors, as a result, we will not “police” them. 

All of the vendors on this spreadsheet are either independent contractors or businesspersons. They run their own businesses.  If you choose to work with them, then buyer beware.

If a vendor doesn’t communicate or do as they say they would, then please take it up with the vendor directly and not with 100 Percent Financed.

Our goal in providing you with this list is to make the team-building process easier; however, we will not hold any of these vendors accountable.

That’s it!

Still need help? Visit MIT Week 1.2 Understanding Mortgages 

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