Accelerator: 3.5 Phone Zone

Accelerator3.5 Phone ZoneCheat Sheet 1. Sales skills In order to be great at wholesaling, you’ll have to develop your sales skills: Become an expert at sales and present yourself as such: Elevate yourself above the seller in that you know how the deal should be handled, and that the seller needs to take heed to …

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Accelerator: 3.4 Sales Structure

Accelerator3.4 Sales StructureCheat Sheet 1. Sales mindset In order to make a deal, you must be able to determine who is an SQL (Sales Qualified Lead), meaning: Is the seller qualified to actually do a wholesale deal? There’s equity in the property but the seller isn’t interested.   Is the seller actually interested in doing a …

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Accelerator: 2.5 Self Management

Accelerator2.5 Self ManagementCheat Sheet You’re almost near closing, so before you close there’s a few things you need to consider… Before you decide to outsource property management to another company or person, it’ll be helpful for you to self-manage your properties first – this is referred to as being the technician according to the E-Myth …

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