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3.5 Phone Zone
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1. Sales skills
  1. In order to be great at wholesaling, you’ll have to develop your sales skills:
    • Become an expert at sales and present yourself as such:
      1. Elevate yourself above the seller in that you know how the deal should be handled, and that the seller needs to take heed to your advice.
      2. Exhibit confidence.
      3. Be professional by not taking anything personally.
      4. Have an abundant mindset:
        • There are plenty of deals and sellers that are willing to work with you.
        • If people don’t want to accept your price or your terms, then walk away from the deal.
        • If 50 calls only provide you with two deals, don’t give in to making a bad deal work.
  2. Dealing with the unexpected:
    • There will always be situations that you are unfamiliar with:
      1. Be confident that even though you may not have the answer now, that eventually you will be able to resolve any issue.
      2. If by chance that a seller has objections or questions that are not covered in this training, then join the forum and live Q&A calls for the answer.
  3. Curate:
    • Tweak, change, and update scripts as often as needed when you begin to notice trends. 
    • Find an accountability partner in the forum and practice with the objections so you can state them quickly and confidently off the top of your head.
2. Objections

The following resources: Seller FAQs, Top 10 Objections and FAQs, Objections and Rebuttals, contain frequently asked questions and seller objections. Study these resources and make them your own; and as you do, be mindful to:

  1. Exude confidence and politeness.
  2. Take the alpha role.
  3. Put all objections in the waiting room unless they say: “Take me off the list.”
  4. Allow time to soften up all prices.
3. Low ball
  1. Your Job: As a wholesaler, it’s your job to talk the seller down from where they are to where you need them to be.
  2. Minimum dollar amount: Negotiate $5000 at minimum as your fee, for this is something you can live with.
  3. Your approach: 
    • Let the seller know that you want to help them the best you can, but you need to buy at a discount in order to make a profit.
    • Let the seller know that you’re looking at other offers and that they received one of your many postcards. 
    • Also tell the seller that you’re looking to buy one to two properties this month. Their other option is to list with an agent and wait six to nine months to sell the property.
    • Advise the seller that you want them to accept your offer of 50 to 60 cents on the dollar, and that you can send them over the contract right away.
Words of advice
  • Structure your time wisely so that you can review the FAQs and objections on a weekly basis.
  • Practice the scripts, make it conversational and add lib or iterate if needed.
  • The purpose of practicing objections within the Facebook group is to prepare you on handling objections in real life situations.
  • When dealing with objections, some may try to control the conversation by saying: “You sent me the postcard, you called me, you want to buy my house, so you tell me.” You steer the conversation and educate them why it’s beneficial for them to work with you.
  • Continue to be consistent; remember it’s a numbers game.

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