Accelerator: 3.3 Lead Generation and Demonstration

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3.3 Lead Generation and Demonstration
Cheat Sheet

  1. As a business owner, you need to know a little about a lot. Meaning, you have to be knowledgeable about the many facets of your business:
    • Marketing, Sales, Operations
    • Frugality: Keep track of every dollar spent
  2. Once your business grows and your systems are improved, outsource tasks that are too cumbersome for you to handle alone.
  3. Recommended resources:
  4. Know your KPIs, track them, and work toward scaling up:
    • What is your average profit per deal?
    • What is your cost per lead?
    • What is your cost per deal?
    • What are your leads to closed contracts?
    • What is your profit margin?
Incoming Leads
  1. Sellers will call you possibly any hour of the day. Let the calls go to voicemail:
  2. Store all email correspondence from Craigslist into a Google folder.
  3. Set up a Streak account, install the Chrome extension, and create these stages:
    • Leads, Contacted, Comps, Make offer, Sell property, AB contract, BC contract, Close won, Waiting room, Closed lost
    • Box, Lead source, Priority, Days in stage, Last email from
  4. Call back anyone who appears to be a lead and use the Seller Lead Script as a model or create your own.
  5. If you’re doing 4+ deals a month, you’ll need a CRM (Flowlu), but use GSuite for now.
Lead Generation
  1. According to your budget and time, use any of these list builders:
  2. Obtain a list of 5000 leads so that you can generate two or more deals per month on a consistent basis.
  3. To find the most popular zip codes and to buy a list, use Listsource.
  4. Here’s an SOP on “How to Build a List.”
  5. Once you have a list built, you will send out letters to the list based on your budget:
Lead Demonstration
  1. If your marketing budget is less than $1,000, then create a smaller list and mail out fewer letters every 30 days for 6 months to that same list.
  2. If your marketing budget is $1,000, use Reipro to build and mail out letters to your list: 
    • Create an account with Reipro, select Leadpro to get your list, enter your filters and save your search. 
    • After you create your list, choose the Marketing tab and create your campaign for 1000 leads.
    • Order your postcards, enter the mailing date, select a template and place your order.
  3. In time, you’ll want to clean up your list since 10% of mailings will not reach the owner. You can learn to do so by following these instructions: “Wholesaling, How to Scrub a List.”
  4. Upload your list to Click2mail in a CSV format for mailing.
  5. Create reminders in your OP to mail out postcards to your list every 4 – 6 weeks, and continue to update your spreadsheet; create a new list every 6 months.
  6. For any postcards that return to you as undeliverable or owners saying: “Leave me alone,” go into your Reipro account and scrub those addresses from your list.
    • This will reduce your marketing costs.
    • You can add addresses to your list as well.

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