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0.1 Around the Bend
Cheat Sheet

Your financial freedom lies around the corner; however, you have to take things step by step to get there.

  1. The goal of this program is to transform your personal credit as well as your living situation so that you have a 680 credit score or higher, and so that you can purchase a home. Make this your goal as well.
  1. The process to reach this goal consists of getting negative accounts removed from your credit report and then building your credit to become an owner occupant/ hybrid real estate investor
    • Own your first property
    • Live in one unit and rent out the other
  1. While your environment and relationships may remain the same, don’t let it influence your behaviors so much that you revert back to the old mindset
    • Don’t get distracted with multiple ventures. Do one thing at a time
    • Make a firm commitment to this program no matter what happens
  1. Be extremely focused on this program
    • Negative accounts being removed from your credit report
      1. Collections
      2. Charge offs
      3. Judgements
      4. Late pays
      5. Medical bills
      6. Repos
    • Positive accounts improved
      1. Establish credit with new accounts
      2. Pay down balances
      3. Have a mixture of credit
        1. Installment loans
        2. Mortgage loan
        3. Credit cards
    • Make the move to purchase a multi-unit property
  1. Manage your time effectively by setting aside a certain amount of time each day or every weekend for each activity
    • Time block all credit repair activities, credit building activities, and purchasing a multi-unit property activities
      1. For credit repair you can:
        • Download credit reports
        • Draft dispute letters
        • Mail out dispute letters
      2. For credit building you can:
        • Apply for a secured credit card
        • Pay down debt
        • Pay your bills on time
      3. For the move to buying a multi-unit, you can:
        • Apply for a mortgage
        • Attend open houses
        • Analyze a few deals
Allocating time
  1. Spend your money and invest your time wisely
    • Complete one full module a week
    • Schedule set times and set days to complete each module
    • Do not move to the next module without completing the action items from the previous module
    • Watch for constant improvements within the program
  2. Use the 2021 Accelerator Operational Plan.
How it works
  1. The program is broken down into weeks, and each week consists of a module.
  1. Weeks are to be completed in sequential order
    • Do a run-through of the entire Accelerator program for an overview
    • Access the program from one IP address on a desktop or laptop for best results
    • Start with week 0 and continue to the very last week
    • You may think that certain modules do not apply to you, but don’t skip around modules because you may miss out on important information 
  1. Exception to the rule
    • If you’re already at a 620 credit score and qualify for a mortgage, you can jump to the owner occupant module, but still continue with credit repair until you reach a 680 or better credit score.  
  1. Contents of the modules
    • Instructional material
    • Action items for you to complete
    • Resources
      1. Cheat sheets
      2. Pinups
      3. Bonus videos
      4. Live Q&A recordings
      5. Quit Your Day Job Book (Pdf and audio version)
      6. Personal development material 
      7. Share Hub
      8. My Academy 
      9. 100PF TV
  1. There will be constant updates to the program to meet market changes.
  2. Once you’ve completed the program and have a 680 or better credit score, and you have $30,000 investment capital, schedule a strategy session to join the Multi-unit Income Training program (MIT 3.0).
Be active on our platforms
  1. To get the most value out of the program, we ask that you participate
    • Closed Facebook Group
      1. Communicate with coaches and peers
      2. Receive support
      3. Unlimited Q&A
      4. Forge accountability partner(s)
      5. Post deals
      6. Share best practices
      7. Request resources and new content
    • Pop up webinars
    • Live Q&A Calls consist of 
      1. Calls twice a week 
      2. Deals analyzed 
      3. Help with accountability in that you’re doing things right 
      4. Archived  recordings of previously Q&A sessions
  1. Follow the order regarding asking questions
    • (First) Post questions on closed FB Group 
    • (Second) Ask questions during call
    • (Third) email tech questions to

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