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"It's a pretty good process...I closed on this deal from Korea...Overall, I was very pleased with the process". (In order to hear more about his deal-closing process from abroad, click "Cameran J." below).

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About Us

Since launching our vlog in 2014, we have strived to be the premier real estate investment company in the nation. We offer a full-service real estate funding, consulting, and investing program. Now, also known as a content hub, we provide educational and actionable resources for our community: including ebooks, property analyzers, webinars, blog, and articles.

We value our clients. We consistently satisfy their needs by developing services that they not only want, but services that quickly deliver results.

Our mission is to help 100,000 people reach Financial Freedom.  We love to encourage and empower others to share their gifts with the world.

About Our Founder

Juan Pablo is an author, real estate investor, online entrepreneur, and business owner.
Juan Pablo was able to  “Quit his day job at the age of 30.
Prior to founding 100 Percent Financed in 2014, Juan Pablo worked as a lead supervisor for a government agency.
Six years of unfulfilling work eventually proved significant; in fact, one specific instance turned out to be life-changing.
Juan Pablo coins this experience, “The Greatest Advice” he’s ever received.
After sponsoring a contest for his team using small incentives to reward performance, he was scolded by his “boss.”
Despite almost tripling productivity, he was advised that his methods were a detriment to how business was conducted and reprimanded.
After this experience, Juan Pablo made the decision to quit his day job using real estate as his vehicle.
Now an 11-year veteran, Juan Pablo has obtained over $1 million dollars in business funding and purchased, sold, and managed over 179 rental units.
He has grossed over $25,000/month in rental revenue using creative financing and varying real estate strategies, such as buy and hold, fix and flip, wholesaling, and master lease option.
Currently, as CEO of 100 Percent Financed, Juan Pablo provides educational content for personal finance, real estate investing, and business funding to numerous investors and aspirants; including a following of 85,000+ YouTube subscribers.
He has received over 3 million views, helped clients nationwide secure over $20 million in funding, and repaired the credit files of more than 3,000 people.
Now a published author, Juan Pablo uses his influence to ignite the passions of others.
His book Quit Your Day Job, has received rave reviews, influencing many to realize their potential and actualize their goals.
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