How to Cancel Your Membership

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How to Cancel Your Membership

If you’re looking to cancel your membership with us, then this article is for you!

You may be wondering why you cannot find a cancelation tab in your membership account. That’s because we don’t have one.

However, we want to understand more your reason(s) for canceling so that we can perfect our product with improvements and upgrades so we can better serve our community.

To cancel your membership with us, we simply ask that you complete the Request for Membership Cancellation Form

The Request for Membership Cancellation Form requires you to provide us with the four requirements: 

  • Requirement 1: Complete and attach the Monthly Budget Tracker worksheet from “Week 0 “Urgent, Watch Me First”: MIB in Accelerator.
  • Requirement 2: Attach your completed “Credit report” from “Week 1”: How to sign up for Our Preferred Credit Monitoring Service (IDIQ) in Accelerator.
  • Requirement 3: Complete and attach your “Personal Financial Statement” worksheet from “Week 2”: Preparing for Deal flow in Accelerator.
  • Requirement 4: Tell us why this program was not a good fit for you and your financial needs. What did you expect that you did not get once inside the program?

All cancellation requests are subject to final approval. If approved, no future payments will be made on your behalf and access to any program will be revoked. 

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